Pumpkinfest 2016

The day started with crisp sunny skies. the temperature rose to the 70 F with a small breeze. Beautiful day for outdoor fall festivities.

img_1451  Pumpkin carriage ride anyone?

img_1452St. Joseph famed Pony Express Stables (This is where it all started)

img_1455 children pony rides

img_1457  Some local park residents enjoying the festivities

img_1464  Pumpkin Mountain (featured lighting on friday evening. The festivities run from October 7-9th this year

After a tenderloin sandwich for me and Pepos street tacos for Kim we walked around checking out the many interesting vendors. Also was a small children carnival. The music tent was alive with talent and the crowd was fairly large for mid day.

We then took in our usual funnel cake topped with strawberries & whip cream. then off to home we went.  Looking forward to the coming of South Fall Festival around the 22nd. This festival normally happens in the first of September,however due to the heavy rain fall over the several day period this annual event takes place, it was postponed and rescheduled to October. 

We hope your weekend is just as special and eventful where ever you are,that you enjoying as well.


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