Time to shout “STOP”…..March Against Monsanto.

GMO-free Europe Conference 2012

GMO-free Europe Conference 2012 (Photo credit: greensefa)

Feel this is certain a worthy “weblog” ! GMO & Monsanto is not your friends by any means. Yours & your future generations are at stake here in the name of corporate greed.

Many countries have banned or required labeling of GMO foods etc. Take  note the Monsanto company runs rampant thru this country,much doing so as it pleases. If you feel this does not affect you and yours,then your sadly mistaken.

‘Sidebox & Rowdy Boy”

Time to shout “STOP”…..March Against Monsanto..

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8 thoughts on “Time to shout “STOP”…..March Against Monsanto.

  1. bridget says:

    Thanks for reblogging this. We need to work together and share info. Let’s all stand together and show the bullies, and our governments that the people say “NO.”

    • Most happy to and so with you on the matter! Big business has no right to cause so much grief and pain in anyone’s life in the name of profit! People need to wake up and live the way they were meant to.Not as BB & Government sees fit.

  2. sunnyromy says:

    Reblogged this on SunnyRomy.

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  4. […] Time to shout “STOP”…..March Against Monsanto. (stjoetrucker.com) […]

  5. […] Time to shout “STOP”…..March Against Monsanto. […]

  6. […] Time to shout “STOP”…..March Against Monsanto. […]

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