Hands-Free Device Ban?

2010 photo of a display of cell phone covers.

2010 photo of a display of cell phone covers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Laws are tightening up the “noose” on Cell Phone users. Is it not warranted? To say “yes” is frankly in my book saying its ok to drive under the influence of alcohol!

I’m sorry as I am not out to anger anyone however lets just face the facts… many people are distracted easily and in being so. Well enough said. Even the “best of the best” is subject to that one time when it can happen to anyone.

Be interested in hearing others comments here…

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Hands-Free Device Ban?.

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2 thoughts on “Hands-Free Device Ban?

  1. mjc1520 says:

    I don’t understand about the ban on hands free when they are always promoting it. But I see a dire need for hands free for cell phones. Although the law is out there, I pass an awful lot of cars and trucks with the drivers with the cell phone at their ear. I have even seen a police car with the driver texting, granted the traffic was moving fairly slow at the time, but that’s beside the point. Several years ago, my co-driver and I was driving through Richmond, VA when we saw a state police on the side of the road with a car. A big truck was in front of us and he did not get over. Actually, the truck drifted towards the police and 4 wheeler, he jerked it back and almost hit us. The driver was on the phone! He almost killed a cop and the person in the car so he could talk to his girlfriend. Yeah, there is a need for hands free operation of cell phones!! #myopinion

    • I can agree as well as relate with what your saying. However a vast majority of people cannot shall we say… “walk,talk & chew gum at the same time”. Distracted within there conversation even with a hands-free device.All my years as a OTR driver I have as well seen many incidents of various nature take place. Certain those who text and drive. As well as those talking even with hands-free whom are off in la-la land and mind not where it is suppose to be at present time being alert. Then yes there are those who are putting on makeup,reading periodicals as well as eating or fiddling with there stereo knob and jamming to the tunes in there own little world. (even some else present in the vehicle)
      Seems the cell phone is the largest and most dangerous device we have brought to the highways in the ways of “distraction”.
      Of course the average believes they are experts and in control of the situation. With the argument of ” Its never happened to me before”. ( only has to happen once and as well it never does happen till it does “the first time”. and possibly the last time ever.

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