Wishing Everyone A very Merry Christmas…….

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

December 21

Came and went,so those who didn’t do their Christmas shopping prior has had some last-minute shopping to accomplish  no doubt!!

I knew one whom said ” Why waste my money buying Christmas since the world is supposed to end?” ( hmmmm did he figure money was going to be wasted? Is obvious if the world did end, pretty evident he was certain to be wasted?) but he can’t say he don’t know how to save a buck !!

The Feast was on….

This past Saturday was our company Christmas dinner and I took myself (elected myself I should say) to the task of smoking three whole pork loins along with five whole chickens and at least twenty Five pounds of Country Pork ribs. ( funny how all my neighbors seemed to once again know me an stop by for a fast visit and comment ) the air was filled with heavenly aroma of two smokers slow at work bring out some “master piece” artwork of smoked meats. To join this accomplishment came my famous spinach dip ( peeps are still trying to get me to write down the recipe to my creation, nope! All in my head as has been for years and there it will stay!) Four larger roaster pans of Southwest Mac n Cheese, veggie trays also.. Tons of food arrived at the dinner via others as well.. so needless to say a lot of diet and will power to resist was soon surrendered and lost as fast as Custer’s last stand by anyone with conviction and words of power(less) attempt to prevail. (didn’t happen) everyone walked away Stuffed and smiling.  Good thing Santa wasn’t present as he would never have made it out  the door anymore than down someones chimney….

Still at it….

Today the smokers are alive slow roasting Turkey Breast as well as pork & beef roasts for which I have marked as Christmas Gifts to family & friends… Christmas day will be a grand day here my way as I will make journey to the north to Tarkio Missouri and Join my sisters family and Mother,along with my middle daughter and two of my grand daughters. Jesse my youngest son has elected to “tag along” ( of course he would! there is food involved!) and with that said. From me to you.



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