Hands-Free Device Ban?

2010 photo of a display of cell phone covers.

2010 photo of a display of cell phone covers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Laws are tightening up the “noose” on Cell Phone users. Is it not warranted? To say “yes” is frankly in my book saying its ok to drive under the influence of alcohol!

I’m sorry as I am not out to anger anyone however lets just face the facts… many people are distracted easily and in being so. Well enough said. Even the “best of the best” is subject to that one time when it can happen to anyone.

Be interested in hearing others comments here…

‘Side Box & Rowdy Boy

Hands-Free Device Ban?.

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Golden Sunflower Wheat Bread

Woke up with the urge to dive into some new bread recipes.. This one sounded “superb” and the target of my weekend project is meal ideas..


Golden Sunflower Wheat Bread.



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Jalapeno Pepper Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipe – Food.com – 381221

Immature jalapeno capsicum annuum var annuum

Immature jalapeno capsicum annuum var annuum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Undoubted Jalapeno & cheese is a great combination to one’s taste buds! this is by far one of my favorites…


Jalapeno Pepper Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipe – Food.com – 381221.

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Blue Bizmo       Are we in the times of “Big Brother” or making technological advances in the best interest of all concerned? US Department of Transportation / FMCSA has moved forward thru Congressional vote to bring the system in place in the very near future. 2015 current is the targeted date to set the wheels a-rolling, perhaps up to mid 2016 with procedures to force fleets into EBOR compliance. Map-21 came at the stroke of Presidents Obama’s pen to attest to the future of trucking thou the industry had already previous moved into the direction already, introducing the “Pioneer” and now so seemed the “beta testing” of EOBR over the recent years.

“So just what is EOBR one might ask? Simply to put it the “EOBR ( Electronic On Board Recording ) is advance technology to track a vehicle and data thru communications satellites and various options of cell phone communications towers etc. recording everything from ground speed to engine data. Most important the FMCSA’s ability to record permanent record recording of a Drivers logs which are “taper-proof” as in the driver has to way to alter or cheat the system of paper logs as in the previous past. In the department of logging there are some great points as well as some not so great as told by the masses in the industry. The seeming backlash from drivers is that “Big Brother” is in their shadow monitoring every move made! Well “yes” one could view it this way, yet to me it would appear to me if your doing what you are suppose to be doing in the first place, “Whats your point ? ) Perhaps in some cases it is true the dispatch should learn to expect that no two drivers are going to act,walk talk or chew gum the same, as well as they ( the dispatcher) are not going to change the driver into his way of thinking in such a matter. Follow the rule set of the company is the normal idea and one has no problems in this way.

In noting and study of the situation it is my personal note that no matter what, drivers will always find a way to “whine & complain” along with typical trying to avoid any changes. I am sure their is “definite” some in management that “DO” need to come around to the “realist-ism” that they can’t have all of it the way they would like. So my suggestion to the matter be a distance between “Point A to point B”, allow the driver to bounce between the two points and leave them be. harmony tends to build character and relationships that pair well as a team.  Drivers complain they lose time. when in fact it makes productive changes the way of the “15 minute” logging increments into logging by actual time by the minute instead. this can be significant in saving a driver time and be more productive use of his /her day. Certain will teach the driver to be more aware of his time so as not to waste it, or pay the price for it if not willing to keep themselves in the race.

‘Again in my opinion and use of the situation with E-logs I find as Safety Director of a small company, that with the use of the system the resourced information is very valuable in planning and heading off problems and issues before they rise. Know the operational hours of each driver, who is available etc. I find that most drivers complaints were not truly without “error” in thought  as to the “blinded” argument the E-logs truly hinder instead of being “mutually” beneficial.’


The EOBR law did finally pass into law, current in ” Public opinion stage ” for the sixty day requirement of the law, before in full effect. Changes are still possible to the current draft and disclosure of the new law. After which sometime in most likely late 2016 will indeed go into full effect.  It is noted changes issues such as “driver harassment” as one focus of my topic. It is true a shame that this type of tactic is implied and/or even should surface. Shame to any whom does come down on drivers in such a manner. I am sure that drivers will spend more time attempting to conjurer up claims of false natures as well as excuses to mask the real reason they themselves brought about a “termination or severance ticket” from the companies employment. (Just as there is a protection for the driver there should be an “adverse effect” for drivers who attempt to abuse the situation.) The law as written will require all trucks to be “hardwired” to   the vehicle and recording engine and other required data. For those not engaged already in use of EOBR will by the 2016 date be required to be established and connected. Those whom already have EOBR that does not come up to the new standards will have an additional two years to bring themselves up to date. Current media writings attributed by the Market vendors is that the majority of there system update requirements will be in the form of software to meet compliance of the law in it’s current statues without addition (possible) changes. Will be interesting to keep updated on the current law and monitor if “Public opinion” does carry any “hardcore” effects of the law and require addition writing.


Procrastination reaps downfalls or advantage?

So do we all or part wait till the last minute to jump onto the wagon and comply?


Compliance is no doubt coming… To wait till the last moment could mean one or more of several problem for the carrier.

Hardware shortage due to a procrastinating arena of Companies.

Higher prices for contracts of usage.

scramble to fix the bug errors of drivers ignorance in operations of the installed systems.

true that is probably just a few of the potential problem ahead, or may not be the case in entirety either.

Advantage points that are current in mind is the Carriers have “opportunity” now to “step into” the game and prepare.

1. locking contract/hardware prices for a specific time possibly?

2. Have drivers fully operational and tuned into usage and issues.

3. current during this period to “true” have the ability to understand some of the companies base needs of change to insure less disruption of there Customers and freight lanes, or ability to keep up compliance and be in there respected delivery destination “on-time”. This is the time in again, my theory to take advantage and move the ball forward while watching and learning from inside your infrastructure the needed changes that will be require to continue a fluid transition without so much as a “ripple” in the water. (Could be interesting in seeing who has the last minute “itch” to scratch the hardest. )

Our small company has already taken that step in the direction of learning the “ups and downs” as well as the trend of effect and needed changes to comply. Current our choice is that of “Big Roads” mobile application. My mission began with “experimenting” over about a two month period. Then proceeded to buy eight tablets with smartphone tech/connection as well as wifi. current to-day all is up to “snuff” and working remarkably well with our plan. Now mind you this system is current not a hard-wire system of “J bus connection” and total GPS tracked thru cell phone towers as well as wifi when available. Drivers have pretty much “conquered” the system on tablets and progressing forward. A driver can use the application “free of charge” always. We the company pay fifteen dollars a month per user connected to our back office board.  http://www.bigroad.com check this out for your own possible use.

Advantages of this system?

  • Fleet tracking with real-time traffic
  • Automated duty status changes
  • Driver log auditing and archiving
  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • Route history with stop report
  • State mileage reporting
  • Document capture and send
  • Archived text chat with sent/delivered/read receipts

Featured on Sirius XM’s Dave Nemo show

As featured on the Dave Nemo show on SiriusXM radio.

This goes well beyond just an electronic log… you’re saving a lot of time.

Dave Nemo

There is no up front or hidden cost involved to check out the system so Companies and drivers should take a good look that what they offer and how it could possible play into there company and in what way if possible to make the change/change over effects worthy of there time.



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Sensible Snack

Brand label

Brand label

We all are aware of eating and snacking sensible is of every families major concerns now days. Sodium, carbs. preservatives along the same path flows the fears of knowledge of GMO foods which are proving out to be the “down fall” to our daily and long term health issues. Many of people are just “munching away” without regards to health issues simply because of our complex theory way of thinking. ” I feel great! so these things don’t apply to me.” We tend to be so involved in living life today and fore going worrying about our health awareness down the road.


Certain not in intention here to make anyone angry, but certain I know well the fact of ignoring facts and warnings. I thru the years as a Road Driver” did literal nothing to change my habits or be aware of what crossed my lips in the way of foods or snacks. My day came the same as anyone whom has crossed the threshold the same as I, and to the billions who will in due time at the rate we continue to disregard what we consume.  Direct links just as suspicions of many products and “chemical concoctions” yet linked are the culprits of our health issue failures.


Knowing that we can’t live forever does not constitution or forgive our excuses to continue to follow the path that robs and / or shorts our life span which leads to family’s having to grieve over our losses of family members.

Do you go out and play chicken in traffic or walk a bridge rail to taunt death happening prematurely ?  

For what reason has so many of us given the previous question the “go ahead” as ok in our daily lives to continue to practice these omens of death or contributors to our lives being taken away over a course of time? If cyanide was weakened and used in our foods as for a reason would you wish to continue using it because someone said it is proven ok for human consumption according to there studies? ( I have little faith in what FDA says simply due to the fact the “pervs guru’s” of Big manufacturing manages to grease the right palms in various ways to apply pressure where needed within the FDA to put out that there is a study backing a product / ingredient as being safe for us ! ) 

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Busy as a bee here

In my ever search for products that relate to “healthy eating and snacking” I came across a company know as Jerky Direct. Searching facts and figures that equal success and value is almost mind-boggling sometimes. It seems to me it is a shame we the people have to spend so much time trying to find “fit food” to consume for us and our families.

After a good solid investigation of the company and products I became satisfied that they meet my standards to add to Side Road USA store for my customers to enjoy. Tasting the products has been a happy adventure on my part as I love jerky of all kind.

Customers have asked for a web-based portal to order products I recommend and current in progress slowly bring my store to life online. I chose a e-commerce site to set the store to stone. Ghez never had any idea how much fun this can be to set up a web-based store! (not in my opinion) none the less I am gaining on it, it has been a trip for sure.

Back to my thoughts here. Jerky Direct products are MSG free, processed to a minimum and have a shelf life of 18 months un-opened. ( ones I encounter are loaded with chemical process and preservatives galore!) They have Beef,Chicken,Turkey and Buffalo. many styles and flavors to please anyone. from original to red-hot and so on.
Weather your just looking for a healthy snack to potential purchasing wholesale and perhaps building your own market there is a good opportunity available. Jerky is known to long K runners along with camper to hiking geeks to be an excellent source of protein and power boost. even as just a quick and handy snack for the health benefits in between meals. Jerky is a welcomed answer to many including myself.
http://www.sideroadusa.jerkydirect.com <– check out the variety and options here or store will be open for commerce soon. thanks to my friends and customers for making all possible. you’re the best ! :-)
Sidebox & Rowdy Boy
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Coffee-Spice Chicken and Fruit-Basil Salsa

Coffee-Spice Chicken and Fruit-Basil Salsa.

Coffee infused recipes add a different zest from the ordinary. This is no exception.

Follow us at Side Road USA Coffee,,



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Got but one thing to say about the product,use and marketing !  think about all this on your own and lets hear from you your thoughts,questions and all. I can tell you some pretty cool things I have witnessed.

Side Road USA link


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Ganoderma farming

Deep into the Asian habitat where this medical mushroom thrives. Informational as well.

Side Road USA

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#1. Road trip ~ 2013 ( Jamesport Missouri )

Main Street of Jamesport

IMG_20130511_165536                                               ( shot with my smartphone)

You never live until you take time to do it…

IMG_20130511_165516Although we never rose early the event unfolding this morning ( May Day Festival ) was taking place as we loaded up in the car and put ourselves into the wind. Destination, Jamesport Missouri for a day of festival,country life and touch of the past in the present.

Taking our time we wound our way thru the back roads on some of Missouri secondary highways taking in the warmth and sunshine of this beautiful and almost cool breezy Saturday. Up Mo.6 thru Clarksdale and Maysville the day progressed at a leisured rate and speed we enjoyed. Arriving at our destination town of Jameport around “noonish” or so.

Seeming a moderate crowd of folks traversing up and down the side streets as well as sidewalks taking in some of the local merchants of goods of yesterday gone by as the area is populated with Amish folks with much to offer as well as share in seeing the past in today’s standards.

Hungry by the time we had arrived, we parked and decided to take lunch at the Local Dutch Pantry Restaurant & Bakery located on the corner of the four-way stop intersection. The meal was marvelous and simple buffet style. Having a short wait in line for seating it was well worth the wait. Servers were dressed in old fashion traditional Dutch attire adding to the flavor of the meal and service. Once finished and trying to pay our tab was the challenge not to fall “prey” to the bakery case of goodies staring at us seemingly planting in our mind ” You know I am sumptuous and you want me!” we managed to survive and make the transition to the door “empty-handed”. ( Not for wanting,waist line not needing).

Outside the Dutch Pantry sat a One horse Surry offering to tote you around the area on a whirl-wind tour of sites for a modest price of $3.50 per person. Not a bad price however we passed it up at this time for wishing to explore shops. taking in some of the local affairs browsing thru and again withholding ourselves from purchasing items,we continued ourselves to the car and made way to one of the local merchants bulk/dry goods stores. Arriving there it came obvious this is where I was going to lose the “Scrooge” title and dip into my pocket quite willing!

Mind you there are numerous stores as these around this community operated by the Amish local folks. Bulk dry goods from old day items to new as well as foods,spices,cookbooks and way more than one can imagine. Leaving near $70.00 lighter in the wallet before I was done! I purchased Honey,blueberry jam,Agave nectar, Unbleached/un-brominated flours,spices and countless other items. ( got a long list to go back for one day soon!armed with more cash!!) having found a sugarless cookbook packed with tons of favorites, I made it home with it in my possession! ( soon to explore & sample some recipes )Amish_buggyphoto(2)                                                                                                    Smartphone image/click to enlarge

Although we did not even begin to cover the area the way we wanted to, a full day of leisure was taken and enjoyed. Plans are to soon go back and spend at least two days taking in the area and its offerings of “country living/the past/Amish culture & shops. The rough decision here is weather to take advantage of one of the local Bed & Breakfast locations or to tent camp? either way we plan to have a great time and enjoy ourselves. There are many attractions as well Guided tours that are at hand to enjoy.

  • Countryside RV Park  
  • Jamesport Inn & General Store
  • Country Colonial Bed and Breakfast
  • Arbor House Country Inn ( Jamesport site with facebook links etc.) These are just a sampling of Merchants & certain I have not even “close” came to touch what there is to see or do around the community ! Come explore this small country Missouri town on your own for a day (recommend two or three) and see for yourself! From furniture to dry goods,cheeses and much more you will find something interesting for all the family or as a day of leisure and fun for yourself. There are many events thru out the year from flea markets to festivals worth the time and fun.. ENJOY !

Stay tune to our next journey around the neighborhood of Missouri exploring & spelunking !!!! there is plenty of parking available for “Big Rigs”.. truckers can stay a spell and take in the beauty & fun as well.

( NOTE a lot of Amish  stores are closed Thursdays and all are on Sundays )

‘Sidebox & Rowdy Boy” <— He didn’t get to go this time! stayed home and guarded the house from wildcats and predators! ( asleep I am sure )


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SOS…Save our seeds. The fight continues…

Save Seeds spelled out with runner bean seeds

Save Seeds spelled out with runner bean seeds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am re-blogging this simply because it is a worthy read to anyone. It truly involves everyone on this entire planet !




“Sidebox & Rowdy Boy”






SOS…Save our seeds. The fight continues….



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Concert Review: Tracy Huffman at Magoon’s Delicatessen in St. Joseph, MO 5/1/13

Sidebox & Rowdy Boy:

A St. Joseph area musician more than worthy of praise and dedication to song writing and music.

‘Sidebox & Rowdy Boy’


Originally posted on Vocals On Top:

The best songwriters can pierce you to the bone with just one line. Hidden among the lore of Jesse James and the Pony Express in the town of St. Joseph, Missouri lies one of these songwriters. Tracy Huffman has been out to the California coast to soak up the sun after starting with humble beginnings in the Midwest and has comfortably found his niche right here where he started.

Huffman strolls into Magoon’s Delicatessen wielding not much more than his black acoustic guitar case and after prepping for the show sits down to glance up through his long black hair to see a small audience ready to linger on each word he has to say. It is an every Wednesday occurrence for Huffman to setup shop for about 3 hours in the downtown bar. The buses will visibly zip by in the window behind him and occasionally a police car or ambulance will create the closest…

View original 678 more words

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Tennessee Wins Scrooge Award for Meanest Law Ever

Sidebox & Rowdy Boy:

How can any lawmaker with a sense fall pray to punishing children for the mindset and lazy parenting? Oh I get it! make the children suffer so the parent takes notice? Ghee how brainy an idea! wonder why I didn’t think of this one?? ( morals perhaps).
‘Sidebox & Rowdy Boy <– hikes on lawmakers on this one!

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:

Just when you think that things couldn’t get any worse, some legislator comes up with the meanest, cruelest, dumbest idea yet.

Tennessee is considering legislation to cut the welfare benefits to families if their children get low test scores.

Some exceptions are carved out, but the basic idea is that the kids need a carrot and stick approach. Or more likely, a whip. The kids need to be afraid that their family won’t eat.

That’ll fix education.

Who are these people?

Do they have an ounce of charity in their hearts?

Do they have any religion? Any sense of humanity?

Will they sleep well at night knowing that someone went to bed hungry because of a law they passed?

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